• Arielle Macey-Pilcher

Cigarette Butt Art Piece

Last Saturday was a day we’ve been waiting for.

As I’m writing this, I’m imagining the very first Clean the Butts clean-up, at this same beach.

That day, we filled 3 plastic water bottles full of butts, and were in shock at how much we collected in one hour.

Our first butt bottles filling up

The next cleanups continued to bring more people and more butts.

On the tayelet in Tel Aviv on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, we filled our giant cigarette art piece with close to 100,000 cigarette butts that had once been littered on the sand and along shoreline of the beach it stands in front of.

We did this together with the help of some pretty amazing volunteers, and in collaboration with our friends from Plastic Free Israel, The Home, and of course The Generator; who believed in the power of our vision and helped make this event possible.

It was a moment to remember as everyone helped to pour in the thousands of butts, and the giant cigarette filled up, standing tall and speaking a strong message to those passing by.

Cigarette butts might be small, but together they are a big problem.


This project began at this same beach, by humans who simply love their home, the beach and sea they play in, and were tired of seeing countless toxic cigarette butts pollution the sand.

Throughout this journey we are even more convinced that each and everyone of us has the power to change the world for the better.

It simply starts with a decision to stand up and do something.


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